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Minnesota Once Again is America’s Most Livable State

Mississippi Repeats its Last Place Finish

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LAWRENCE, KS. Minnesota has done it again. For a record sixth year in a row, the North Star State is the nation’s Most Livable State. Morgan Quitno Press, a Lawrence, Kansas-based publishing and research company today announced the findings of its 12th annual award. Also making a repeat appearance in the award spotlight — but at the opposite end of the scale — is Mississippi, which ranks #50 for the fourth consecutive year.

“Our award is nothing if not consistent,” said Scott Morgan, President of Morgan Quitno Press. “But Minnesota seems to have what it takes to keep the other 49 states at bay. The state performs consistently well in many areas. Minnesota has a low teen birth rate, a high homeownership rate, a very good high school graduation rate and high spending for the arts. The only category that Minnesota ranks poorly in is average daily mean temperature.”

For the last twelve years, Morgan Quitno Press has issued its Livable State Award. Based on 43 factors selected from updated editions of its annual reference book, State Rankings, the Most Livable State Award recognizes a state for its high quality of life. The 2002 edition of State Rankings, which compares states in more than 550 categories, was published in April.

“We issue the award every year because it tells an interesting story about life and government in the 50 United States,“ said Morgan. Our award is not a measurement of which state is most fun or the best place for everyone to live. It is based on statistical indicators that reflect the kind of lifestyle that most Americans agree is positive — affordable housing, safe streets, good employment opportunities, a strong education system and a healthy state economy.”

Rounding out the top five spots with Minnesota are (in descending order) Iowa, New Hampshire, Virginia and Massachusetts. Bringing up the opposite end of the scale with Mississippi are Louisiana in 49th, Alabama in 48th, Arkansas in 47th and New Mexico in 46th place.

The Most Livable State Award is one of four designations announced annually by Morgan Quitno Press in conjunction with the publication of its annual reference books. These other annual announcements name the nation’s Safest City and Metro Area, the Healthiest State and the Most Dangerous State.

Additional information about 2002’s Most Livable State Award is available through the Morgan Quitno website at www.statestats.com. For further inquiries, please contact Morgan Quitno Press at (785) 841-3534.


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