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Errata for 2003 crime data (City Crime Rankings, 11th Edition):

 1. St. Louis, MO: The local police acknowledged that they failed to report 5,760 crimes through the UCR in 2003.  They later amended their filing to correct this oversight.  The amended reports were too late to be included in Crime in the United States 2003 so they are not included in our 11th Edition of City Crime Rankings.  The figures we have obtained through the media would have dropped St. Louis in our America’s Safest/Most Dangerous Award from 4th Most Dangerous to 3rd, trading places with Atlanta.

2. Lafayette, LA: Because of a computer software glitch, the local police department reported 325 rapes in 2003 rather than the 96 that occurred.  This error has been reported to the FBI's UCR but was not included in the Crime in the United States 2003 and is therefore not included in our 11th Edition of City Crime Rankings.

3. Fairbanks, AK MSA: The Fairbanks Metropolitan Statistical Area includes the city of Fairbanks and the surrounding borough of North Star.  The FBI used an incorrect population for the metro area in calculating the rates per 100,000 for each of the crimes.  The FBI reported a population of 32,652 for the Fairbanks MSA.  The US Census reports a population of 85,978.  The higher population would have made a significant difference in Fairbanks' crime rates and would have dropped its ranking as fourth most dangerous metro area.  We have no word yet whether the FBI accepts the population change.